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Hi there, I am Marian Velo. Welcome to my website about bakeries. When I obtained my first job, I stopped at the local bakery every day before my shift. While I was enjoying my fresh donuts and pastries, I fell in love with the way the baked goods smelled fresh out of the oven. I wanted to learn all I could about how baked goods were made and how bakeries operated. On this site, I will talk about all of the major aspects of running a bakery. I hope you will be inspired to visit daily to learn more. Thank you.

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Is Artisan Bread Right For Your Restaurant?

Restaurants looking to attract a larger crowd have been making small changes in their menu items. One of those is switching to artisan bread. There are several benefits to opting for artisan bread, including the quality that comes with it. If you are considering using artisan bread for your business, here is what you need to know.

Why Artisan Bread?

Artisan bread is crafted by professionals who understand the craft of bread making. The training and experience they use to make bread results in a higher quality product than you would see from a mass producer. Every single aspect of the bread-making process, from the selection of the flour used to the equipment used to bake it, is carefully selected to get the best result.

Artisan bread is often a far healthier option than mass produced bread. For customers who are concerned with their eating choices, this could be a selling point that drives more business to your restaurant. Artisan bread is usually free of preservatives, refined sugars, and other substances that could lead to empty calories.

The best reason for switching to artisan bread for your restaurant is the taste of the bread. Since higher quality ingredients are being used and there are no other substances that could interfere with the taste, what your customers will get is a product with a seemingly enhanced taste.

What Should You Look for in a Supplier?

Unless you and your staff plan to spend time learning about crafting bread and have the available time needed to produce the bread, you need a supplier. Not all suppliers are the same. You want to be sure the one you select can meet your restaurant's needs.

There are several questions you can ask to determine which supplier is right for you. For instance, you could ask, "Are the bread loaves prepared in advance, or are they made fresh?" The answer could give you some insight to the quality standards for the supplier.

You also need to know how the bread is preserved once it is made. Check the packaging to ensure the bread is tightly sealed. Find out how long the bread can last once it is sealed. You need this information for your ordering and usage.

You can even turn to the Internet to learn more about suppliers. As with other products and services, there will undoubtedly be reviews available of the suppliers you are considering. If you'd like to learn more about artisan bread, you can discover more here.